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For Dance Studio Owners

Having a good sprung floor is a point of pride for any studio owner. Teachers feel good knowing that they are providing the best for their students, now and in the future. An Huggins Sprung Floor protects dancers from the effects of practicing on a hard, unyielding floor. Vinyl atop concrete is not enough to protect dancers or yogis from injury and provide the best possible results for practice and performances.

The resilient wood and foam blocks used to make every Huggins Sprung Floor create one of unmatchable beauty, protection, and longevity. Every product that leaves our facility is custom-sized to fit its intended space. Installation is simple and straightforward. With the detailed instructions, individually labeled panels, and included toolkit, anyone can install our sprung floors. If the installation crew happens to need some extra assistance, our guru is only a phone call away.

Learn about the best flooring options for different types of dance:

Ballroom Dance Flooring

A dance floor in either Maple or Ash from Huggins Sprung Floors is ideal for the ballroom dancer. Both of these choices are finished with a ceramic urethane of the highest caliber, a durable slip resistant finish for accommodating the most technical footwork. An O’Mara Sprung Floor is easily installed with our revolutionary, patented clamp and cable system, an elegantly simple solution which requires no carpentry skills. Ourballroom dance flooring can be dismantled and moved to a new location with ease, yet, when assembled it functions as one seamless piece.

The beautiful look and feel of the sprung wood dance floor is unmatchable. State of the art portable sprung dance floors are suspended above an existing hard surface, protecting the safety and health of dancers, while consistently enabling them to take their performance to new heights. Dancers notice the difference. The durability and portability o

Maple Floor with Urethane

Our Maple Sprung Floor, the top of the line option, is made with Michigan Hard Maple and finished with Huggins Sprung Floors Ceramic Urethane. It is specially constructed to provide the sound of hardwood along with a durable slip resistant urethane finish.

The Maple Sprung Floor is our most durable option and is recommended for all forms of dance as well as for commercial purposes. This sprung floor is the best choice for hard-shoe percussive dance forms, such as Flamenco, Irish Step, and Tap.


f an Huggins Sprung Floor make for a lifelong investment.

Ash Floor with Urethane

Our Ash Sprung Floor is made with Michigan White Ash panels and finished with Huggins Sprung Floors Ceramic Urethane. Like our Maple floor, the Ash floor provides the beauty of hardwood with a slip resistant finish.

This floor is recommended for ballroom ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, yoga, martial arts, and anything else of that nature, but not tap or flamenco.


Ballet, Modern, Jazz

All of our sprung dance floor options will work for ballet modern or jazz. Choosing an Huggins

Sprung Floor is simply a matter of preference and regard for the other styles of dance for which you will use your studio space.